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Dear Sir
My name is Raghuvinder Kumar Jha and my UHID is FHL11302336. I am a regular patient of your hospital. In your hospital I admitted in IPD ON 20.3.15. On 21.3.15 my CT Scan was done. After discharging I continued to take treatment from your hospital regularly. After few months when I saw no sign of improvements then I thought for second opinion for taking treatment from AIIMS When I went to AIIMS hospital on 16.11.15 they asked for my previous report and said me to come along with that. After that when I came to Escorts hospital to take my previous report in Radiology Department 16.11.15 they said to me that my report has been lost and hence unable to give report to me and suggested me to do my CT Scan again. Now the question is that how doctor can compare my report with new one when no previous reports are available but despite all the thing I did my CT Scan again and next day on 18.11.15 when I show this new report to my doctor the doctor said to me that you have no pulmonary koch's which was written on that new report while I am suffering from any other disease. After that I went to Radiology (where CT Scan was done) and said all about this to the concern doctor then doctor blamed technician that he said that you(I) have pulmonary koch's and technician blamed a nurse and this process continued of blaming.
After all that I went to patient welfare and said all about the nonsense things which happened to me.
Then one staff of welfare went with me to Gupta Ji (Radiology). But no action was taken against it. After that I also showed a film of X-Ray to Gupta Ji on which neither date was mentioned nor the name of Escort was printed on it some Ranjan Diagnostic was printed on that film on place of Escort. Gupta Ji refused to believe that the film was of Escort hospital. Now when I started to argue on this topic then one technician came and make believed that the film was of Escort and mistake of name and date is due to software error to Gupta Ji. After that Gupta Ji believed all about this.
My concern Doctor said that when date is not mentioned on the film and you(I) have also lost my previous CT Scan report then how can I compare this to your previous report.
Now please tell me Sir If I would go to AIIMS with this pulmonary koch's report without showing my report to my doctor then certainly I would must take legal action against hospital.
I also received a call from [protected] about my case on that evening.
I am sending you the attachment of complain to Welfare and X-Ray on which date is not mention.
Please take suitable action against it ASAP. I’ll be thankful to you for this.

Complain against managment
Complain against managment

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