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Last night i took my son (Age 10 years) to Fortis hospital gurgaon for a very minor leg pain below the knee. We were forced to go to the emergency room and were told there will be room charges of 1500 rs. The doctors did an x ray and then a hard plaster and multiple tests. I was pretty sure most of these (except the x ray) were not required and the hard cast not at all needed. The entire not needed drama by junior non specialist doctors cost us an exorbitant 7600 Rs and were advised to come back for a follow up check next day to meet the senior doctor. The on duty doctor said "we need to check if the bone has been set right." How is that possible????!! It is not a bone or joint fracture!! Sure enough, when we called next day, we were told that to meet the doctor would be a consultation fee of 1200 Rs !!! We were now convinced this is all a money making scheme. So i called a known doctor friend and took a reference of another orthopaedic doctor in the neighbourhood. 2 Specialist orthoepadic doctors looked at my sons leg today and said there was no need for a hard plaster and took it off!!! We have been regulars at the fortis hospital in Vasant Kunj and have never been cheated like this. I am sending a copy of this complaint to the consumer redressal forum; because innocent citizens who do not have a medical background should not be cheated by hospitals and their staff to make money.

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