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Julmi Bora

Julmi Bora
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Julmi Bora
Jan 26 (1 day ago)

to enquiries
My wife julmi pantola patient id 19031 got admitted in fortis hospital ludhiana on 22 jan at around 0830 pm for delivery..we faced a series of problems..
1. When she got admitted we were told our 3 days pack started from that night only but asking about complimentary dinner as we took the deluxe room which is one of the costliest room in this hospital, a lady from reception gave a call on my personal number saying" your 3 days pack has been started but you will get dinner only after you check-in the deluxe room." Now this is strange when we were already charged then why they refused to provide complimentary dinner, then i had to pay for dinner..
2. I (attendant)was given a sofa to sleep but it was not at all comfortable next morning on 23 jan i called housekeeping to provide sofa cum bed which was told earlier but it was not there. Next morning after complaining somehow they adjusted a sofa cum bed from adjacent deluxe room where it was present..
3. On 23rd evening my wife was given saline and when it got ended she kept alarming but no nurse came for about 35-40 minutes so she herself closed the saline when nurse came she suggested my wife that you should learn how to close it..
4. No hand sanitizer was given so everyone was using our sanitizer after complaining they provided on 24th evening..
5. No slippers were provided to the patient after complaining twice they provided on 25th morning at around 1130 am.
6. On 24th when doctor came for routine visit and to change the dressing nursing staff was not carrying gauge(for dressing)and when doctor asked about it nurse rushed and brought it but again she forgot to bring tape(to stick the dressing)..
7. On 25th morning when patient alarmed the ring the guard standing outside the ward was asking me to close the alarm and said"nurse will come after sometime you stop the alarm now"..
8. I told this whole incident to nursing supervisor, chief security officer and public welfare dept as well but all are saying"when you will here again we will provide you utmost care" this time we faced many problems and they are suggesting to come back again and avail utmost pathetic is this..??
9. i also wrote a complaint regarding the USG dept. around 15 days before and dropped it into the complaint box as they took around 3 hours to have a USG even when our turn was 2nd and when asked why taking so much time they were i guess this is a common problem with the hospital staff..
10. I am an air force officer and could have taken my wife to army/air force hospital where we could have got all treatment free of cost. But thinking of fortis brand name, better facilities and care we chose fortis but now i must say that except all doctors(specially Dr. Poonam Rastogi gynaecology) nobody took that much interest for patient care..
11. One more thing is that most of nursing staff speak to patient in Punjabi. Language is a barrier for patient to respond if he/she does not know it..
12. On 23rd nursing staff came to give sponge bath to patient(first bath after operation) and it was done with normal water not with hot or lukewarm water. On asking she said"kal se jaldi nahana padega garam pani jaldi khatam ho janda hai"..
13. I met the reception staff, pwd staff and to whom not but every one is saying we will only provide better facilities next time but this time we cannot help you..
14. Newspaper was provided on 26th morning for the first time in front of service staff purnima sharma..
15. Here comes the disaster, the guard mohan singh standing outside stops the warning bell every now n then. In the morning on 25th jan he ordered me to stop the alarm and in the evening when caught red handed while he was switching off the alarm without calling nurse he was literally touching my feet asking for mercy and not to complain..
16. One sister manjeet taking guard's side and telling public welfare dept. that its not guards fault as she also thinks this is okay. In the evening time another guard amit kumar accepted in front of Dr. Nitin that he always stops the alarm;sometimes he calls the nurse sometimes not because most of the times ring blows automatically not by patient..
17. Air conditioner instructions were given on 25th afternoon by pintu kumar on asking why you did not tell it before he replied"ladka to roz ata hoga apke pass batane aur check karne ke liye". New born baby needs maintained room temperature and they just dont care about anything..
18. Telephone directory is still not present in the deluxe room. Nothing is written there to whom we may contact, what is the reception desk no., what is kitchen's contact etc..
19. On 23rd morning housekeeping lady refused to change the bedsheet of patient which is taken with blanket to cover, after complaining somehow changed at around 5pm..
20. When we checked in the deluxe room no room service personnel came only sister ruminder kaur was there and she helped in check in; no slippers for patient was there, no hand sanitizer was there no soap bar was there inside bathroom. They expect us to take bath with liquid soap..
21. Today is 26th and still no phone directory is there, drawer of medicine table is still unserviceable, another sofa is torned..
22. No pillow and bedsheet was provided to attendant only two small sized cushions and one blanket are there..
23. I came to this hospital only because of brand name of fortis and Dr. Poonam rastogi gynaecologist. Now we have become parents but the bad experience faced here are resisting us to feel happy..
24. One more thing is that it is extremely tough to meet admin staff here after complaining again n again they tell us to meet nursing supervisor. I made many complaints in front of Mr. Nitin, Mr. Vishal sharma, Ms. Purnima sharma, Ms. Priyanka, Ms. Aman, Dr. Ankush, Col. Darshan singh as well but everybody is saying that they are following hospital policies..
25. If not taking responsibility, saving your guard, ignoring the facilities which are to be provided inside deluxe room, bad behaviour by security guard, no help, no easy reach to admin staff, no call back from reception etc. are the policies of this hospital(which were clearly shown in our matter) then i must say that the future of this hospital is dark..
26. I am still waiting for a call from any senior authority which can take action and can take responsibility..

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Julmi Bora 6:44 PM (3 hours ago)
Now we are back to our home, mr. Darshan singh must have talked to some highe…

Julmi Bora
6:47 PM (3 hours ago)

to Reachus
I paid them Rs. 1, 32, 597/- and after complaining not only complaining after showing them the hidden truth which is being played here they are ready to repay me Rs. 2, 370/-..What a joke.i will never ever come to them..

Julmi Bora
9:50 PM (1 minute ago)

to Reachus
Whenever you people read my this mail plz do give me a call which seems next to impossible for you guys..i want to talk to north zonal head or any one who is competent enough to teach a lesson to col.(retd.) Darshan and his fellow liers..all are very smart to hide things bloody nonsense but remember you all god will definitely punish you very very soon but before that i will make sure that you are punished by law.

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