Fortis Hospital — Mis-Management and Wrong attitude

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This is Complaint regarding Fortis Healthcare Ltd. Attracted towards their huge propoganda for thier so called best services i approached to the Fortis Hospital-Amritsar for my Checkup.After Regestration for Rs.250/- i was reffered to Dr.Deepak Kapila for my checkup. Getting to his OPD room i found he was not there on his seat and asked Assistants sitting outside there.She asked me to wait as Doctor was on Round in Cath Lab.I asked her if he is going to take more time then i can visit him another day, she talked to Doctor on phone, and Doctor asked her to send me in Cath Lab on 1st Floor. After reaching there the Peon stopped me outside the lab insisitng that i cannot enter, but i said Docotr himself has called me up, He said i will talk to Docotor and asked me to wait outside the Room.After siiting there for 45 min i again approchaed the same person,he again asked me to wait as Docotr is taking Tea, again after waiting for another 15 min i insited him to let me go inside but he didnot let me enter.After 5 min Doctor Came with a loud Voice "WHY ARE YOU CREATING A MESS, I AM ON OFF TODAY", i said if you are on off why are they giving your appointements on registration counter,he replied"THATS NOT MY DUTY GO AND ASK THEM", I said OK then why did u call me in CATH LAB,again he replies "I WONT CHECK UP YOU HERE , GO TO OPD, I AM ON OFF TODAY" He talked to me in such a nonsense language.I got back to regestation counter and asked them to refund my money and also asked them "If Doctor is on OFF then why did they issue me a regestration and appointment with that person.Why are they wasting time of Patients.And Above all Is this a behaviour of One doctor ??? Shame on Your Doctors and Shame on you who appoint such persons in such institutions.

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