Fortis Hospital Mulund — Unnecessary tests being advised by the doctors

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I had taken my wife to Fortis Hospital, Mulund as she was feeling giddy. We met a Senior lady doctor who is a Neurologist. After hearing our case she advised tests worth approximately Rs.20000. It was not a very serious complication & hence we did not do the tests. Instead we went to a simple MBBS doctor in our area again. The doctor explained the reasons for my wife's illness in detail & gave medicines. She was alright in the next 3 to 4 days. It is surprising that highly qualified MD / MS doctors need so many tests to be done before diagnosing the disease whereas a simple MBBS doctor can diagnose it without any reports. This modus operandi of the doctors is just to fleece money from the patients by prescribing costly tests which most of the times are unnecessary. God save us from these kind of doctors.

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