Fortis Hospital — Negligence & misleading information

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Having researched the "Liberation Treatment" and excited about it, I was recommended a cardiologist by the name of Dr. Pradeep Muley M.D., Head & Senior Consultant Interventional Radiologist Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi; this information was given to me by a Dr. Rehman Sayeed from Fortis hospital in Bangalore.
I contacted Dr. Muley prior to travelling to India and asked him about what I needed to bring in order for him to carry out the procedure. Dr Muley was very reassuring and told to bring all the records that I had regarding my RRMS condition.
On consultation with my neurologist in the UK, he was less than enthusiastic about the whole procedure telling me that it was total rubbish and I should think sensibly and forget about the whole thing and refused to give me any medical records.
Regardless of my neurologists advice, I set off to India.
On arrival at New Delhi Airport there was nobody to greet or take me to Fortis Hospital as Dr Muley promised there would be. I specifically wanted the procedure to take place in New Delhi as I have friends & relatives who reside there and so if there were any difficulties, I could call upon them; as there was nobody to greet us and transport s to the hospital, this is exactly what my father and I had to do at 3:45 am.
The following day we made our way to Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi and met with Dr Muley. The consultation was very welcoming and friendly, on production of only a 6 year old hospital discharge sheet, Dr. Muley said that it wasn't a problem and tht they would spend 2 days carrying out various tests prior to the angioplasty procedure.
Two days of getting poked, prodded, injected and given various blood thinning tblets led me to to the operation theatre. I was given a local anaesthetic and told that I would be awake throughought the procedure and be given instructions to old my breath at certain intervals. The procedure was quite a strange feeling and I can now say that I am so gld that I was awake throughout. Towards the end of the procedure, Dr Muley told me that my left Jugular vein was 100% blocked whereas the right and central azygous vein were clear and that they couldn't perform balloon surgery as it would cause too many complications.
Confused heartbroken and emotionally distraught, Dr Muley quietly informed my father that he was very sorry there was nothing more that he could do for me and to settle any outstanding bills with the finance office.
My father went to the finance office telling them that he had infact over paid the hospital and was due for a 10, 000 rupee refund…this fell on deaf ears and e was told that he wasn' due a refund due to the fact that the exchange rate had changed in the 3 days that we had been there and that there was nothing that they could do.
Having come back to the UK, procedure-less…I feel cheated and lied to and would like to, I am now thinking tht after having all tests done including a Doppler, amongst many others, why Dr Muley still proceded to carry out the angioplasty procedure. Had he not seen the results of the veinography, or had he chose to ignore the results of the Doppler.
Frustrated I want to share this experience with the rest of you and pray that nobody else goes through the same experience as I endured.

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