Fortis Hospital, Noida — Arrogant and Rude Doctor

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I was admitted to Fortis Hospital on the intervening night of 8/9 sept'10 with acute pain in the lower abdomen. After the necessary tests it was diagnosed as a stone in the urinary tract. A surgery was scheduled for the next day and the operating doctor was Dr Dushyant Nadar, Sr. Consultant Urology and Renal Transplant.

I am extremely hurt and disappointed by the rude and arrogant attitude of Dr Dushyant.

After the operation, i had acute pain and when i or my wife tried to speak with Dr Dushyant, he was extremely rude and went as far as to say that i am abusing the pain killers. I have no idea where or how did he base this observation on…when questioned he was dismissive and refused to explain his comments saying that he has been in these shoes for very long time (whatever this means). Anyways, i was discharged from the hospital on the 12th Sept'10, with the Stent still in place, which i was told would be removed in about 10days time. No further explanation was given to me, for the reasons of leaving the stent in place, even after i asked categorically about it.

Today (14th Spt'10), that is two days after the discharge, i had acute pain and also developed rashes on my pennis, which are very painful. I tried to call Dr Dushyant to tell him about this development and seek his advise for relief but, he was again rude and dismissive about the whole thing.When i tried to explain my condition, he did not even wait to listen to me and cut me short by saying that this is expected with the stent in place. I again told him about the rashes on the pennis and the excruciating pain, which only elicited a curt reply from him, saying that, i need to go to the hospital. He said that he is not supposed to take calls and hence cannot listen to me or talk to me any further and abruptly disconnected the call.

I have some very elementary questions:
If he is not supposed to take calls, then why did he answer his mobile?

Why did he give his mobile number is the first place?

Do we, as patients, deserve to be treated with such arrogance and disdain, after paying so heavily to institutions like Fortis? (I made a payment in excess of 65000/- for this treatment)

Is there no accountability for Doctors like Dr Dushyant, who believe and certainly act, as if they are doing every patient of theirs a personal favor by treating them and hence can indulge in such insolence?

Does Fortis Hospital believe in the policy of Customer Delight and Customer Care? If yes, has it ever been passed on to the like of Dr Dushyant?

While, I am now trying to seek advice from some other Dr and hospital for the excruciating pain I am in, I would like to know, what if any, steps would the administration of Fortis Noida take, to correct the wrong done to me?

I sincerely hope that the administration and the higher authorities in Fortis Noida, do not approve and subscribe to such apathetic attitude, as displayed by Dr Dushyant and will take immediate steps to ensure that other patients, are not treated with such disdain or insulted by Dr Dushyant or for that matter any other Doctor, ever again.

Sincelerly Yours

An extremely dissatisfied patient

Aditya Nayyar

PS: I shall be marking the copies of this complaint to all forums available, so that other patients are not subjected to such ill treatment at the hands of Dr Dushyant.

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