Fortis Hospital (Noida) — Careless Doctors and Staffs

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I lost my mother on 12th April 08 because of careless doctors in Fortis Noida. Her treatment in Fortis Noida starts in October 07. My mother was having cancer so they asked us to go for PET scan test. There was small spot of cancer near urinary bladder as mentioned in the PET scan report. We refer to doctor Malay Nandi and he suggests us to go for chemotherapy as she was already operated 3 times earlier. After consulting him, we agree to go for chemotherapy and he started giving chemotherapy medicines to my mother. Her last chemotherapy dose was given in March 08 but still there were no improvements and she had infections in her urinary bladder. We informed these to doctor Malay Nandi and he asked us to speak to Gynaeo specialist and that doctor asked us to speak to Oncology specialist. We keep going to different doctors but nobody was taking the case seriously. We asked doctor Malay Nandi and he asked us to go for urine test and her urine was send for test. In urine report they mentioned the sugar level of my mother upto 400 which makes us shocked as she was not a diabetes patient. We asked doctor to go for urine test again as this is not possible and then after lot of arguments they send the urine for test again on the same day. In the second report the sugar level was normal and after speaking to Lab doctors they say sorry to us as they have typed the wrong information in the previous report. My mother was crying because of severe pain in her lower abdomen near urinary bladder, we asked doctor Malay Nandi to give her any anti-biotic medicines so that atleast that can help to fight against the infections in her urinary bladder and he told us that he is waiting for another urine report which will come after 48 hours. My mother urine stop at 2:30 pm on Thursday 11th April 08, we informed nurses and doctors as well but no actions were taken by them. My mother was having pain and they says it is not critical and after lot of arguments they called doctor Dushyant to inject a tube in urinary bladder to get the urine out. Nurses informed doctor at 7 pm and he was at his home in Delhi. He told nurses that he is coming to hospital and he reached at 10:30 pm to Fortis Noida. My father asked him to check the ultra sound report before injecting a tube from stomach to get urine out of the bladder, but doctor Dushyant was over confident person saying this is my regular routine job and I can insert tube without seeing the reports. After 15 min he came out of room and tell us that the infections is very much in the body and she need to be in ICU (maybe while injecting a tube he had burst the urinary bladder and the infections get all over the stomach). They took my mother to ICU at 11:55pm and kept her there for 36 hours and told us that she is not more because the infection get over the whole body and her blood pressure was very low and can’t get recover. It was a surprise to us because my mother was speaking to us well till the time she was send to ICU and later on we have no idea what they have done.

In these 6 months we have seen that there are trainee staffs in hospital instead of experienced one and even I have seen atleast 4-6 nurses who don’t know how to give the injections. A single nurse was given duty in 4 rooms so you can imagine if two patients have problem at same time than she can’t look both of them. Even I have to call the nurses several times to stop the injection tube when the medicines are already finished.

One great thing to be seen in Fortis Noida is that if you are an insurance policy holder than doctor asked you to get admitted to hospital for 4-5 days even if you need to be there for a single day. The idea behind this might be to check the patients daily twice in a day to have Rs 700 as consultant fees of doctors per visit. Doctors visits Fortis Noida for couple of hours only and charge there high consultant fees.

I have lost my mother whom I love the most and I am sharing this with you to make you aware and not do the same mistake which was done by me and think before taking your dear ones to Fortis Noida. Fortis Noida is a 5-star hotel but not a good hospital.

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