Fortis Hospital Noida Doctors Who Are Responsible For Untimely Death Of My Wife — Dr ajay bhalla, dr deepak hans, dr devavrat arya, dr vikas goswami, dr prashant dr pankaj, dr seema sinha

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This is with reference to the treatment given to my wife Mrs. Suman Gupta at Fortis Hospital, Noida. I am writing this letter in immense sorrow and grief as my dear wife expired due to improper treatment and unethical practice carried out by doctors at Fortis Hospital, Noida. I would request you to set up an enquiry regarding treatment given to my wife as she died due to unethical practice by unscrupulous doctors- Dr Devavrat Arya (Oncology), Dr Vikas Goswami(Oncology), Dr Ajay Bhalla (GI surgeon), Dr Deepak Hans(Conventional Radiologist), Dr Prashant(ICU), Dr Pankaj(ICU), Dr Seema Sinha (Blood Bank) who are directly responsible for my wife’s untimely death when she was on verge of good improvement from pancreatic cancer.
1. My wife was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the month of July 2015 at Fortis Hospital Noida . She was put on first line of treatment of chemotherapy with Gemcitabine and Abraxane to which she tolerated well. Because she was healthy- physically and mentally, she was doing well all through this. After completion of two cycles, her PET scan test showed improvement in liver metastasis lesions which were barely discernible. Doctors were surprised with the kind of improvement she was making and they often told my wife, me and my son this is unbelievable. But surprisingly, Dr Devavrat Arya and Dr Vikas Goswami changed her existing treatment plan to second line of treatment of Chemotherapy with high dosages of Capacitabine and Oxiplatin which ultimately led to her untimely death. As soon as the chemo drug regime was infused to my wife, she complained of severe vomiting and nausea which doctors told is a side-effect of the drugs. After a discharge, she arrived home on 25th September 2015. But the side-effects were so prominent that she had to be again admitted on 28th September 2015 in Emergency at Fortis Hospital, Noida. Later, I consulted Dr Manish Singhal, Senior Oncologist, Apollo Hospital Delhi who told me that when she was improving with the first line of treatment, why was it changed to second line and that too with such a heavy drug regime? It means either Dr Arya and Dr Goswami were experimenting on my wife or it was an intentional step?

2. Dr Ajay Bhalla is an Unethical doctor at Fortis Hospital, Noida. He did not put stent properly into the Common Bile Duct and he left stenting in Duodenum which should have been done earlier itself. He kept her on hunger and thirst (when she was asking for food and water) for almost entire month during which her immunity decreased immensely and she developed septicaemia (sepsis infection) which took her life.

3. My Wife was kept untreated in ward from 28th September 2015 to 7th October 2015.As-a-result, she developed Septicaemia (severe bacterial infection).Sepsis infection was not diagnosed on time which got worsened. High dose of antibiotics could not overcome sepsis infection. This was quite frustrating because infection could have been prevented if doctors have started treatment early.

4. Dr Devavrat Arya and Dr Vikas Goswami are the two most unscrupulous doctors who planned shifting of my wife into ICU. But caring at ICU was not good. Many times I observed sisters did not keep an eye on vitals on monitor. Infact, they did not keep an eye on other patients as well. Attendants of other patients expressed similar concern while discussion with me. My wife told me that in night, no sister was there when my wife asked water to drink. Condition of ICU is not good. Water flasks are untidy and have foul smell which my wife told me which I found to be correct and showed to ICU doctors who told me to replace with bisleri bottle for her. Next day, again untidy flask was there. I told this to doctors and sisters but there was no change. When my wife was put on ventilator, I frequently observed that whenever there was urine discharge out of diaper it was not attended by sisters unless I observed and communicated same. Many-a-times, Dr Devavrat Arya and Dr Vikas Goswami did not visited my wife during she was admitted in ward and ICU and asked in-experienced resident doctors to visit her while billing was in their name. Dr Devavrat Arya and Dr Vikas Goswami took leaves in between without letting us know during the undergoing treatment. As a result of which proper review of medicines and health of my wife was compromised. This was when I and my son were in regular touch with these doctors but they never bother to tell when they would take leaves.

5. Dr Deepak Hans (Interventional Radiologist) is another unethical doctor at Fortis Hospital Noida who did PTBD to relieve symptoms as previous stenting failed. He left my wife in state of extreme breathlessness after the procedure. Before procedure my wife was in normal breathing state but soon after procedure she was in a state of extreme breathlessness and neither Dr Deepak Hans nor any doctor in ICU attended her until my son arrived to see her after an hour. That was literally a state of death as my son told me while describing the pathetic situation of my wife.

6. Dr Prashant (ICU) and Dr Pankaj (ICU) are two culprits who put my wife on ventilator support when she was in a state of extreme breathlessness instead she could have been given dry oxygen (Bipap). This was a very incorrect step taken by them when I took opinion from doctors from other hospitals. This is un-imaginable scene at this hospital. What can one expect from these medical experts?

7. Dr Seema Sinha (HOD Blood Bank) is the most unsympathetic doctor who refused blood transfusion to my wife who was critically ill in ICU on ventilator support as blood replacement was not available. For Blood plasma was they asked me to go to Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh to collect. At that time, my wife was on ventilator support. It took 7 hours for my son to collect plasma from Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi and bring back the same to Fortis Hospital, Noida. Every moment to bringing plasma to my wife was crucial. They did not arrange blood plasma on their own neither they allowed me to purchase from nearest blood bank.
On 28th October at 1:45 am my wife suffered cardiac arrest and she left me and my son in great sorrow. My son was with my wife all through the treatment and he is very much distressed. I have no words to express my grief.
Overall, my wife was on drastic improvement from pancreatic cancer but because o[censored]nethical practice by doctors(changing first to second line of treatment), non-treatment in ward by doctors and shifting her to ICU which led to septicaemia, she expired untimely. Had the sepsis symptoms been detected timely and her treatment was carried properly by respective doctors, my wife would have not died. This is a life-time repent felt for my dear wife that why did . I feel utmost frustrated and angry over the negligence of doctors, one of whom accepted his mistake to me. My plan to shift my wife to another hospital was put in vain as her condition worsened because of late diagnosis and treatment of sepsis. Dr Ajay Bhalla(GI Surgeon), Dr Deepak Hans( Interventional Radiologist), Dr Devavrat Arya(Oncology), Dr Vikas Goswami(Oncology), Dr Prashant(ICU) and Dr Pankaj (ICU), Dr Seema Sinha (Blood Bank) are the culprits who are responsible for my wife’s untimely death. I will never forgive them.

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