Fortis Hospital, Noida — Misbehavior with parents of dead patient

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On 12th March, 2011 at Fortis Hospital, NOIDA, Sector 62, Main Reception Hall

There was a ruckus in the main reception hall when a dead patient's parents complained about negligence by Fortis doctors. The patient had expired at around 11 AM on 12th March. This news was obviously shocking to the parents. While the parents were lamenting this sudden loss and complaining about the callous treatment meted out to them, an administrative officer of FORTIS Hospital came in and started pushing both the parents. He ordered the hospital guards to push the grieving parents out of the hospital.

Till this time, the onlookers were disturbed by the wails of the lamenting parents but nobody objected as they felt the gravity of the situation and the emotional distress of parents. However, this administrative officer was absurd and arrogant and spoke in autocratic manner. He manhandled them and spoke in an abusive manner.

At this point in time, the public burst out and came to the rescue of the parents. Seeing the ire of the public against this behavior of FORTIS hospital, the administrative officer immediately vanished from the spot. The general public mostly those who come for treatment gathered in the main reception and demanded an apology from the hospital against this unwarranted and inhumane behavior. However, the hospital staff dilly-dallied the scenario, called police, which acted in its favor.

Media personnel could reach only after the gathering was cleared by force by police.

My complaint is against FORTIS HOSPITAL NOIDA as to how can they allow the administrative officer to continue with the hospital? How can it allow its staff to show such errant behavior? They should remove this crazy officer who acted in an unruly manner without showing any signs of humanity while talking to parents of an expired child. He not only brings bad name to the hospital but mars the good work done by other hospital staff. He is not fit to work in hospital but maybe some underworld organization.

I am sure the hospital would find some excuse as they seemed to have total control over the situation – the patient's case, the doctors, the police etc. The warning here is that, FORTIS HOSPITAL getting too CRAZY in doing business in a sensitive sector like healthcare?

The rude behavior with parents of a dead child and manhandling them did not seem to be the correct action by any standards.

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