Fortis Hospital — sheer negligence and intentionally money minting strategy

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Dear sir/madam
I along with my mother and family reported to the hospital with the problem of fever chillishness due to which joint pain was there. The patient is my mother in this case and the case was referred to Dr. Akshay Challani. On his visit it was apparently told to him that fever comes with cold and body ache with sweating during fever and ofcourse joint pain was there due to the same which was almost the clear symptoms of malaria, dengue or typhoid but in such a big brand hospital rather than on a prima facie they should have conducted the malarial or dengue or typhoid test they admitted my mom in to the hospital conducted unnecessary tests like ECG CBC DOPPLERS X ray, ETC kind of irrelevant tests To increase the bill,
When I felt something fishy I preferred to consult some other doctors too when told the case all suggested that on prima facie they would have conducted the malaria dengue or typhoid test rather than ECG OR DOPPLER TEST.
Then we finally took the decision to get the patient discharged but I was too late because they had made q bill of simply around 25000 INR. Again the patient is covered under such diseases but they sent the report to the insurer for arthiritis joint pain etc. Due to which denial of cashless facility happened.
I somehow managed to pay the sum of Rs 25k around sir/madam.
Then we visited to one of ours family doctor for consultation on 21st march 2015 he conducted the requisite tests and diagnosed with the typhoid and now she is unde4 the treatment of the same and feeling better than before.
But the trauma suffered by my mother and all members of the family needs to get justice. I have narrated all the incidents. Kindly consider & oblige.
Abhilash Sinha

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