Fortis Hospital — Terrible attitude

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My relative was supposed to undergo a surgery at the Fortis Cunningham road hospital and she had planned her time off from work. When suddenly the day prior when she called the hospital, she was told that there are no beds. Since a week we have been following up to find if a bed is available and apparently the hospital is booked out of "ALL" beds because of cardiac emergencies.
Firstly, we have to call everyday to find out if the bed is available. Secondly, we do not know when the bed*may* be available and third, the rude people from insurance department(Ms Vishalakshi and Ms Divya) say that we can either wait or go to another hospital!(really, we don't know we can do that?)
To the hospital Admin – We are not getting admitted and treated for free. Have a better communication in place, every patient needs care(be it a major or minor surgery). And please train your people on how to talk(if not for teaching about humanity)

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