Fortis Hospital — unsuccessful hip-joint operation

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On 23rd August operation was held by an orthopaedic team under the supervision of Dr. Gurinder Bedi and was onlyy admitted for 5 days and according to other doctors it was a critical operation in which patient have to be admitted for more days. But this is not only the point its been approx 15months and there is a no sign of recovery anywhere and doctor is also not able to understand why recovery is not taking place . i have also gone for checkups and also had a regular treatment conversations on phone calls with him . In the x-ray report i have also found that my two other bones were ruptured during the operation taking place and the doctor or the other staff did not even botherd to inform me about that. Now m completely on bed rest since past months and suffering from financial downs in my business. I have also consult to other doctors of renowned hospitals but got no ray of hope as my case is critical so no doctor wants to put in their hands in such case. It is a serious matter of concern for me and my family . I hope to get a positive response of my complaint as this is my only and last hope .

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