Fortis Hospital Vashi, Navi Mumbai — Inexperience staff, negligence, fraud

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Admitted my nephew one evening for high fever, no one available for checking / treatment till next day afternoon. Available staff not even capable to take the blood.
We only take care of the patient till next day.
Next day also even Doctor was not able to take the blood sample & for this as an trial & error they put the needle at both hands & legs almost at 15-16 places to get the blood.
For preventive measure they hold the patient in the Hospital for one week after checking the Urine report that shows minor infection & so we agreed to stay.
After completion of week they again take the Urine sample to ensure complete cure & the same evening, Doctor inform that infection is still there so we have to wait further two days in the hospital. But we came to know from the Lab that the sample not yet tested then how Doctor conclude that infection is still there?…
Then when we noticed them about the same, they try to give excuses.
It clearly shows that they loot the patients like this who don't have any knowledge.
Also it is clear that they not even care what is going on with the patient & their relatives.
And last but no least as an Cashless mediclaim they sure about that whatever be the Hospital bill the charge, they will get it.

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