Fortis Malar Adayar Chennai — abortion due to scanning fault

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I went to Fortis hospital @ adayar chennai when I was 4 week pregnant. I consulted Dr. Nithya ramamoorthy.

the person who took the scan was Dr.jaishilpa. SHe is completely ignorant and stupid. Bcoz of her ignorance, I lost my baby, she wrote in the scan report that no fetel pole seen. And also mentioned presence of fibroid. n mentioned that my baby is aborted. i sent the report to another doctor who is a friend of mine and she said the report is rubbish and asked me to take scan from some other place. I took scan from 2 other places. and both the report shows there IS fetel pole. and the baby is normal without any issue. Also they did scan for long time to find any fibroid in my uterus. But there was not even a minute fibroid was found. Both the persons who took scan told me that the report I got from fortis was completely rubbish and asked me to never ever go to malar again. You know even @ fortis they asked me to go for D&C. I am going to consumer court against this. How can someone say rubbish things in scan report???? Just sent that damn Dr.jaishilpa out from ur hospital. or she will kill many babies.

I will never ever in my lifetime goto fortis..

The scanner details is dr. JaiShilpa, Fortis malar hospital, Adayar, chennai.
my case number : 247593

I think they wanna impose costly D&c on all the patients to get money, DAMN!!!

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