Fortis Memorial Research Institute — Careless diagnosis could lead to death

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You can verify the facts about my complaint.
I visited fortis first for an ultrasound on 5/5/14 to check the lower abdomen area. I had severe pain.
The ultrasound report mentioned that everything was normal . This was the first error because a second opinion clearly said that fluid was visible. As pain continued I followed this up with a meeting with Dr. Preeti Rastogi. She took a cursory glance at the ultrasound report, dis an exMination asked about my pain level, which is aide as really high..
She proceeded to prescribe some metha and doxy five day antibiotic course and asked me to come back after five days. Well I could have died I those five days.
Luckily my sister in law, Dr. Anuradhapura Jaiswal, is an experienced gynaecologist who immediately suggested stronger antibiotics and a TVG scan to better understand the infection..This and the HcG test revealed an ectopic pregnancy for which I was hurriedly admitted and underwent a laparoscopic treatment under Dr. Manavita Mahajan ..
My point is that careless doctors will cause deaths and if you don't care about that you should at least care about your reputation enough to ensure that you hire experienced doctors.
I will be posting this on more public forums also because I expect no action from you but feel I should at least post the complaint keeping future patients in mind

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