Fortis Noida — Negligence/untrained staff

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I have a problem of fibroid in my uterus and am supposed to undergo hysterectomy. After much deliberence, I chose to get it done in Fortis Noida.
The gynaecologist provided me with a series of tests to be done on Wed. I had already got some blood tests done earlier. I went to the billing desk and asked the person at the counter, Ms Isarah, to kindly bill me for the tests that remained from the list. Isarah tells me only ECG & Xray remain. I reminded her that there might be some more tests written on that. The confident Isarah tells me otherwise. I pay for ECG & Xray and get the same done and am asked to collect the same on thu. My operation has been scheduled for Fri and I am required to see the anesthetist on Thu with all the report results.
When I reach the hospital on Thu, my ECG report is no where to be found. The ECG dept tells me they have dispatched the same but the front desk says they havent received it. All this in the same hospital building! I had to undergo ECG once again.
I went to the gynae with the ECG & Xray results. She tells all my tests are not done. From the list she had given day before, none were completed except ECG & Xray. Some 6-7 tests remained on that list in big bold letters which Ms Iaisarah very conveniently missed!! As a result now, I will not get operated on Friday.
I raised this complaint at the front desk ragarding the same.

The 'patient welfare' executive Ms Jyoti came down to assist when I raised this issue at the front desk. However, all she managed was to get my tests done then – which I would have anyway managed without assistance. When I requested to meet someone higher up to complain, she spoke to a Dr Sood who could offer nothing but an assurance to fire the lady Iaisarah.

As a result now, I am not getting operated on Fri. I have medical and personal reasons why I cant get the operation postponed, other than the fact that I am living in constant intense pain. Due to the gross neglience of the front desk staff, I am losing a lot of time and being harassed for no reason. All this comes at a high cost as well.
What is most interesting about this hospital is that the OT, doctor consulation, and other such charges vary with the kind of room that one takes in the hospital. If a general ward is taken, the doctor also charges less as compared to a suite. So does that mean the service provided is different? Or are my chances of dying on the hospital bed are much higher if I take general ward since the doctor is not being paid well enough? No other hospital I have visited has such a bizarre and illogical method of charging.

The hospital does not have trained staff and no customer service. It is only pomp and show and with no content at all. They have a belll outside to ring incase the patient is satisified with the service. So if I am not satisfied, can I take it off??

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