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Hi Everybody,

I totally concur with Tarun as I have experienced almost the same thing.
My wife and I met an accident in which our Bolero collided with a roadways bus head on. Both o[censored]s got injured and lost consciousness. By grace of god, I escaped with 9 stiches at my forehead and my wife recieved 5 stiches.

We got discharged from the hospital in which police has admitted us after 2 days. Everything was fine but for 1 problem. My wife was unable to open her mouth fully because of possibly a muscles spasm.

We were told that in fortis hospital Noida, this problem can be resolved. After 3-4 days I took appointment in the dental department for the same and booked our time for 4:30PM. We waited uptill 5:30 PM then our chance to meet the doctor came. She heard our story and told us to take some X-ray.we went to pay Rs 650 for the X-ray.Then 1 attendant came to us and told me that he would accompany my wife to radiology room as my 8 months old son was getting cranky.We were absolutely flattered and were very appreciative. After arround 20 mins or so my wife came alone and said that the X-ray machine was not working. I enquired with that attendant. He told me that machine is getting fixed. We waited again for 15 min and then our saviour (attendant) came and told us to proceed for X-ray. This time X-ray was done and was told that we will get the report next day.

I went to collect the report after fixing the appointment and on oral assurance from our saviour that report is ready. The X-ray report was not there and on further enquiry I found that the machine was not fixed that day. Now I erupted then and there. Some other attendant pacified me and told me to bring my wife to hospital and get the report on the same day. As the condition of my wife was worsening, I did exactly that.

After an hour I had a report in my hand and with that we went to meet the doctor. the lady saw the X-ray and told us that wisdom tooth is horizontal so she would do an operation and will remove it.We were shocked to hear that. my wife tried to reason with her that this is due to accident and because of horizontal teeth but that lady was adament. I share this thing with one of my friend which was in last year of BDS. She was agast and told me to refer her to some other place. Which we did.

I visited AIIMS next day. no matter I have to stand on a long queue for 1.5 hrs. I find the trainee doctors there was way way more informed and intelligent than so called expert doctors of fortis. They asked us to take X-ray would would cost me 30 bucks and with no plate. the X-ray was in a CD. The doctor heard us patiently and told me that it is a matter of muscle spasm.He showed us the skrew for opening the mouth.

Just 2 visits more to the AIIMS (this time no more queue ) my wife got cured.

I belong to that generation who was told that everything sarkaari was bad, even I have forsake a job in Delhi metro for IT job in an MNC but frankly speaking I found it extremely wrong now. I found that the doctors in fortis noida are bad but the attendants are very active and intelligent. So you are sucked into believing fortis noida as a good hospital. But a hospital is as good as its doctors and they are BAD.

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