Fortis, Oncology Department, Dr. Rajeev Bedi — Refused treatment for side effects of chemo

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This is to warn people that sometimes it is really a big mistake to just go by name of people. It should be remembered that when Doctors go big..they leave the patients to fight with help of small doctors, less in experience and not even accountable.
Same happened with my father. After giving chemo without taking into care of his falling blood count missing on the helper drugs, second chemo was given within a week and then the doctor when questioned said to take the chemo or leave, After that small mistake to agree my father is now fighting with sever blood loss and anaemia. The strange thing about the whole sequesnce is Dr. Bedi was not even in the picture, after prescribing the Chemo plan. All decisions and hera pheri was done by the consulatant under him. I can't even say if he even knows or will acknowledge the mistake. Then it was a blame game and fight but finally my parents sick of the treatment of the staff to emotionally torture them to take discharge decided to leave. Now he is so scared to go for any treatment while his blood is falling down at home….So be aware,,,,it is not Dr. Bedi's expertise you are getting, it is just a facade to lure people.

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