Fortis Vashi — Unprofessional way of handling patients by ward boys and rmo

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While the doctors are good and hospital seems good enough, i observed that the ward boys who take the patient out of ot dont understand the seriousness and while taking my mother out they banged the trolley while carrying her to the icu. This is ridiculous and least expected.

Second issue is of the lady rmo.Incidence time 21st july (Today) around 5.30pm. I was at the icu meeting my mom. I saw alarm going off in the monitor that shows the bp, heart pulse rate etc. When i asked the rmo he said not to worry as the parameters are differently set. The lady doctor then came in and switched off the alarms!!! Is this the protocol? What if there is a serious variation in the readings and patient needs to be attended to? I find this weird and unexpected from fortis.

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