[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — billing / administration – complaint against final bill

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Name – Mukesh
Hospital – Fortis C Doc
Duration – 15th May t0 17th May 2019
Treatment – HIP Replacement
UH ID : FHL22.5786

Sub : Billing / Administration – Complaint Against Final Bill

I am writing to complain about the unsatisfactory billing done by the fortis c-Doc Hospital. I met with an accident 3 year ago & life time rod inserted into
my HIP. But after 3 year .I am suffering from continous pain in my leg. I was consulting the doctor of Max, Ganga Ram & Fortis C-Doc.
and they Suggesting to change the HIP.

The implant cost was coated by all three hospital approx 1.10 to 1.30 Lac.

The total cost was coated by Max Hospital & Ganga Ram Hospital approx 3 Lac with all expenses for Seven Days Package.

After some permutation & Combination, We decided to change HIP on 15th May 2019 by fortis C Doc Hospital under observation of Mr. Saurabh Moda.
The Pre approval was taken by the fortis hospitsal by the amount of Rs 1.80 Lac against the approx billing of Rs 2.44 Lac ( Include impant cost.
of Rs 1.30 Lac).

When We received the final bill its totally surprising to me.The implant cost was increased from 1, 30, 000 to 1, 76, 276. The Hike in implant cost by 40 % approx.
The Hospital was not providing any specific reason for increase in implant cost & forcing us to paid the balance amount .
They are not ready to change the bill
because they had taken the approval for wrong amount which they are not ready accept it.So Why, I paid extra amount.
I had taken the maximum approval of Rs 2.50 Lac from My TPA on my good faith.

My brother had requested many times to meet the hospital higher management but they not allowed.

The fortis Hospital was charging us Rs 3.05 lac for just for 2 days which was totally unfair & look like cheated me & other hospital was providing
in 3 lac for seven day for the same treatment.

I was suffered 9 hrs for this process & finally we pay rest of amount which was looking still unfair.

The fortis had a good name in the market & never ever think that they cheated like this to the patient.

I want to look into the matter seriously as the hospital was cheated us for the wrong billing & the committment.

Prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

Document Enclosed : Final Bill & Pre- Approval

Thanks & Regards


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billing / administration - complaint against final bill

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