[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — carelessly handled in patient

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My wife mrs. Sulogna mukherjee have been a patient of dr. Smita vaid for the last 7 to 8 years now. Dr. Smita has been an angel throughout, and under her treatment my wife was admitted in fortis jaipur in 2016 for a histectomy operation. The hospital experience was praiseworthy and my wife recovered fast.
However, on the 31st of august 2018 my wife was again admitted to fortis jaipur under dr. Smita’s treatment for a bartholin cyst operation which we were informed was a minor surgery done under daycare system.
Despite our doctor’s best efforts the experience was horrific. My wife was admitted in the la famme division, where most of the staff seemed amateurs even unable to draw an ample of blood for pathological tests, properly. My wife was #ed at 5 different places for the purpose and was informed that she must be quite bloodless, though her reports stated otherwise.
At the operation theatre my wife was quite badly handled. To start with, we were informed that the surgery would be done under total anaesthesia, for which my wife had to under an echo, ecg and repeated breath holding tests conducted under the supervision of dr. Faiz and dr. Jyotsna. But despite the reports being all great, my wife without the knowledge of her gynaecologist was given a local anaesthesia, a # in the backbone. And it is ridiculously unacceptable that even there she was in the hands of amateurs!! She was #ed in the backbone twice!! The first # being a failure as the doctors present stated “sir, bone aagya”, the second time again she was #ed despite my wife’s repeated reminders that she’s supposed to be under ga and not a lumber. Even when dr. Smita entered the ot my wife heard her having a loud conversation with the anaesthesia doctor over phone discussing the same issue that why a lumber as the patient is under daycare and there is no reason she should be given a local anaesthesia as all her reports were okay.
My wife is still not okay, and she is in a state of pain and trauma. I’m very displeased and dissatisfied with the way things went this time.
I’m somehow restraining myself from taking things to the legal front.

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