[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — Complete Deposit refund still not received even after insurance company settled.

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My father was admitted for Angiography followed by Plasty. Fortis before discharging him took Rs 10000 from us as deposit incase insurance company delays payment. After the amount was settled by insurance these guys did not refund the complete amount and have not attended to my complaint in person (twice) nor emails (almost over 5) nor phone calls (almost over 10). Their Head of billing is continuously giving false promises on getting back which they havent done for over 15 days since amount is settled by Insurance.

Moreover the insurance company in its letter clearly mentioned they hospital should be charging only 1616 to the patient and the rest 9269 is the hospital discount. These guys have taken over 10885 over and above the deposit and mentioned that insurance company is not aware and we will discuss with them.

They have till date not written or communicated anything with us nor with insurance company though i have asked them to give this to me in writting.

STRICT action needs to be taken against such Hospitals who ONLY know how to LOOT people. As per their policies if you dont pay on time they donot discharge your patient but what is the penalty for such misbehaviour or harrasment of patients and their family members??

Government relaxing such fraudsters boosts their morale to treat patients and their families as per their will. I will shortly write this also to the PM office.

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