[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — delayed service in lab tests and favoritism of staff to their friends

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At Fortis Cunningham Road, I've had better experiences before. But this time, it's a BITTER one. I literally saw ur staff allowing their friends surpassing the que to ECG and TMT tests while innocent people waited for hours on the other hand!

When enquired, they say it was an emergency case. I understand emergency cases must be given priority. But I don't believe emergency patients walk in with grand dresses and make up in to the labs.

If such is the case, consider having a seperate VIP labs to those who u favor. Don't think the common man's time is available for ur disposal.

As a serious suggestion, pls issue tokens and make the process of lab tests transparent.

If nothing is done in this regard, I'm sure u are not having a great future in customer service industry.

B R Hemanth Kumar

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