[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — Delayed Treatment

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My cousin Mr Manish Lath is hospitalised in Fortis hospital Mumbai-Mulund west since 29th Oct 2014.
He was admitted to ICU under Dr Pradip shah. He was admitted mid night at around 1am and were been
Informed that doctor will visit at 8.30am in morning and then further course of action will be decided.
Since he was suffering from multiple issues but major was his heart injection%, which was only 15-20% as compared to 60%, which one of the doctor informed us late nite. 29th Morning at 8.15am we rushed to the hospital to meet Dr pradip shah, but tO our suprise he did not turn u until 3pm. Post his visit
Several test were done and reports analysed. Last one was some heart tissue biopsy which was suggested on 1st Nov 2014, by then he was shifted from ICU to general. Now for this biopsy there was a
Requirement of Cathedral Rod, which to my surprise was not available with the Hospital. Fortis beign an International brand and promotes of its world class treatment and servies, then I may ask why this so called Rod was not available with the hospital and why were we been asked to wait until Monday. Sir we belong to Middle class family, but we dnt mind paying for the right treatment at a pricey branded hospital like Fortis, but thts ok as it was entirely our decision to admit him here, but in that case why are we expected to bear the bills for the no of days we were asked to wait bcoz hospital was not having so called Rod for Biopsy. I request you to look into this matter on priority and help us in getting justice and fair treatment. Awaitin your prompt reply on this email.
Prashant Agarwal

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