[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — Doctor – better get retired instead of harassing patients

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This is to inform you that the hospital really needs to look into the way patients are treated.

Two days back on 29th September, 16, I with my 58 yr old mother (patient) visited Dr.(col) S.P. Singh, but the way he talked to us was just unbelievable.

When she told him about her problem that she is feeling weak, had a vommitting and loose motion and her blood pressure was recorded low, he started shouting that bp low is no problem. He used such a bad language and said "bp low tab pata chalega jab aap seedhe emergency mein aayengi aakhri time mein…" He even said .."beemari aapne dekhi kya hai aapka pura parivar naach jayega seriously koi beemari hui to.." Also he said " mere dekhne mein aap bilkul swasth lagri.."

Does someone expects use of this kind of language from such a reputed hospital's doctors? Does he think we went for fun? He hardly wrote an SOS medicine for vomitting, loose motion or weakness because he didn't even listen to us. All this while, he only folded his hands at everything…as if we are not patients but have come to trouble him unnecessarily. Even the hospital would have the record of the consultation he wrote which only included further tests.

If he is so stressed with his work he has no right to sit their and treat patients so badly rather he should go back to his basics and learn as to how to speak with and attend the patients.

Due to his negligence, I had to take my mother in emergency to holy family hospital the same night because her condition worsened at 10:30pm. Had he treated her properly we would not have got into this trouble. Instead his consultation created mental trauma for my aged mother. He seems to be sitting their to taking lives instead of saving lives.

We are not morons that we would spend money and waste time to listen to this crap from a doctor.

Request you to take some needful action so that no other patient undergoes similar treatment from the "so called" doctors.

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