[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — Extreme commercial activity and fleecing customer by fraud

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my recent experience with Fortis has been an eye opener, i have realized that Fortis is totally commercial oriented with little or no regard for Patients.

My wife pain in Left chest area and Doctor Sunil Mangla recommended to shift to Fortis and keep under observation. I went to emergency and believe me the patient had to walk as there was no one available to take patient, i requested multiple times but none came . My wife was kept in CCU and later shifted to a shared ward, and they did multiple tests including HIV, and other tests which as per the TPA and the Insurance policy are not needed for Heart problems, The hospital knew well that these claims are not supported by Insurance, that is why they take advance of 10000, and they tell you that they will refund this and then they do these tests and inflated my bill even above their own original bill at time of payment. i escalted to Menakshi Popli in customer Welfare, she was not even ready to listen to the issue but started saying that hospital and its staff are not aware about what tests are needed for heart patients.

Fortis Dietician recommended a non fatty diet to my wife, but she was given Cheese and mayonaise sandwich, i am sure the mortality rate of hart patients in extremely high in Shalimarbagh Fortis.

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