[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — false charges

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Hi team,

My dad was admitted in fortis on 1st march. Yesterday i found big fraud which i hillighted but they have some technical limitations due to which they could not solve my problem.

At 1 o'clock 9th april bill was 4260000.
When i did payment of 50000 in night of 9th april bill is 436000 i asked what this 10000 charges for they said you will get breakup in morning.
Next day 10th april the bill amount reached to 474307.

I have asked them what you did within 12 hrs and you change 35k for it.
When i went inside billing office they try to calculate amount from 10.34 pm 9th march to 1pm 10th march and i found nearly 20k fraud they could not explain me what treatment they have given for this 12 hr for which they changed us 35 k.
When i asked breakdown on time based they said due to technical limitations we can't provide you time based data.
Also according to them 436000 receipt is not updated so how could they provide me receipt.

Some good points: treatment was good

Fraud hospital not recommend to any one.
If you have enough money then only admit your relatives. You will run out of money at the end.

false charges

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