[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — FORTIS an Unconscious money making hotel turned hospital

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Hi There
I visited FORTIS Hospital Gurgaon (hotel style hospital), it was AN emergency situation for me when i landed at Fortis around 12:30am on 3rd Sunday night.
I got hurt on my right side of Ribs and had hell lot of pain, when i decided to visit Fortis. There i explained my whole issue and trouble i was facing to the doctor in emergency.
The doctor suggested me to go for an Ultrasound test and Xray at that time.
In an hour i was done with both the examination and did wait for my reports to come.
After the reports the doctor told me some issue in my Liver from Ultrasound diagnose and reporting that Xray is all fine and fit, stating there is no "damage in my ribs"
I was all happy and went back home by 3 am and slept with my pain in Ribs after taking a basic pain killer "Combiflam"
Then my pain was still there on Monday and on Tuesday i thought to show my self to another doctor for 2nd opinion due to ongoing pain. So i went to an Ultrasound specialist where my 1st report from Fortis claiming my Liver as damaged was PROVED AS MISGUIDING EFFORT OF FORTIS HOSPITAL. then same day evening i went to an orthopedic for my rib checkup and guess what " I WAS FOUND WITH A DAMAGED RIB WITH NOT JUST AGAIN PROVING FORTIS REPORTS AS WRONG AND FALSE BUT ALSO OPENING MY EYES TO SHOW THAT MY RIB'S PART IS NOT EVEN THERE IN THIS X-RAY IT WAS JUST A BARE CHEST X-RAY ONLY, they couldn't even diagnose me at all with the exact problem area.

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