[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — fortis bannerghatta doctors negligence!

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This is with regards to my mom's stroke. On 2nd of march 2019 due to blurred eyes, giddiness and imbalance i had to take her to fortis bannerghatta emergency. They examined her and said it is vertigo and prescribed medicines for vertigo. Again on 4th of april she was almost unconscious and we took her again to fortis emergency and they took mri scan and says there is a clot and handed over the case to the neurologist over there who's name is chandran gnanamuthu. We informed him regarding the earlier visit on 2nd march 2019 and he confirmed that it was due to the clot, and the emergency doctor had failed to diagnose the issue. He admitted my mom for 2 days and discharged her on 6th of april. Again after 2 days my mom started vomitting. We again took her to fortis emergency and dr chandran asked for another mri, and this time it showed that the clot has become larger. Why has he discharged her without proper treatment and how can the clot become larger if she's already on treatment?? He again admitted her for 8 more days. After discharge he asked for follow up. For the first follow up we went and he says she'll take some time to recover and prescribed another follow up in august. On july 22nd my mom's face started showing deviation and hence i took her again to fortis and the emergency doctor over there said that she did not see any deviation. I forcefully made them take mri and she says there is another clot which has formed. She informed chandran doctor about it and he didn't even bother to turn up. Instead he asked the emergency doctor to get my mom admitted and he'll be coming only the next day. I knew that these doctors does not know the course required for stroke treatment and hence i admitted her to apollo. They cured her to the best and now she shows signs of improvement which she never showed in the previous treaments. Only because of fortis hospital doctors her health was worsened. They should not have wasted our time, money and patience. If they were unsure and do not know the treatment for a stroke, they should have simply asked us to consult another doctor. Now i am fighting for justice.

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