[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — Fortis – Day time robbery

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Forits in Bangalore BG road, charged me for phone bills with date even before our admission date. When I asked for clarification, they said, "Go and ask those who prepared bill summary" and it took me more than 3 hours and no one could find why the past dated phone bill is included in the bill summary but i was asked to pay! I fought for more than 3 hours to get discharged".

We were admitted into Bangalore BG road Fortis hospital on sep 1st 2016 and discharged on Sep 6th 2016. We went to fortis only because of DR.Mangala, she is very famous in bangalore and everyone suggested her. It turned out that Dr. Mangala is indeed the best! But the problem is she is in wrong place so people like me are being robbed by Fortis with billing at the time of discharging.

They gave me a booklet of bill papers to pay on sep 6th 2016. I was in the queue more than an hour to get most of my itemized bills to get clarified. they sent me couple of times back & forth between, admin, billing, blood test, scan test and nursing team purposefully to push to 5pm so that they can close the counter. It is all clear that they are tying cheat everyone as we dont normally go through each item in that itemized bill.

I was charged in my bill summary that, I have used phone calls from my room on date June 28th and even in July first week of 2016. Fact is that the same bill summary says "I got admitted on Sep 01, 2016 and discharge date is sep 6th 2016".

I think it happens only in Fortis, Bg road bangalore, that patient can make phone calls even without having admitted or never being visited to Fortis but will be charged 3 months later.

The funny thing, is billing desk initially told me that, "may be it was some other charge but put as phone calls!". I replied "then how do i believe all other items are not misplaced or put in different item name?". He said, go ask the your doctor and others who were in OT to verify the list. But we in billing team has to get money for whatever is said as billed summary"

So here you go, its all robots in fortis!!!

I too had horrible time with nursing team during our treatment time in fortis. They attend to our calls and only to switch of that alarm button and never even listen to what we are trying to say. They were acting like "tell me why you pressed that button and i have other patients to attend". Very few nurses are really impressive and skilled, but those they are in night shift are really immature and they dont even trained for normal permanency care. They are really made our baby go into critical and we never forget those nightmare days & nights. There are very few nurses and those are the ones who really make me feel forgive Fortis and not filling legal case on this.

Dr. Mangala is one more reason, i just not going for legal. She is really a god for many people in bangalore.

I can disclose our UHID and phone if anyone in fortis whants to get in touch as i feel these kind of billing and nursing issues should not happen to others.

Billing in hospital should be like, "Close your eyes and just pay because everyone should think, hospital is temple and doctor and nurses are god!".
But in fortis is evil place with gods (doctors) are trapped.!!!

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