[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — Fortis hospital mulund – nightmare-negligence-misbehaviour

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My dad walked into the hospital and was taken back home in an ambulance.

We met Dr. Hasmukh Ravat for breathlessness on exertion. Angioplasty was performed the very day after..following which breathless continued and even increased( which was totally ignored) and he had to be readmitted. .when we discovered to our utter shock and dismay that my dad's CBC count was never taken before the procedure. His HB was 7. To add to the shock, his XRay which showed ILD was never seen before the procedure.

The angioplasty worsened the situation and was not needed to be done considering his lungs condition as was confirmed by leading cardiologists in 2 south mumbai hospitals to whom i went for a second and third opinion. There has been a break in the protocol where not even an Echo cardiogram nor CBC was performed on a 83 year old man before the angioplasty.

We were charged 52000 wrongly which on alerted they said was a barcode error and reversed. A cousin of mine was charged 95000 as barcode error and reversed. Patient or his relatives in fortis mulund needs to pay more attention to the bills than anything else as they might be fleeced.

And the icing on the cake was when Dr. Sandeep from Dr. Ravats team accuses and spoke inappropriately that my father of lying when we confronted them of charging us of Dr Ravat visiting us everyday when he was delegating his services to just a medical student who was outright rude. The charges to the extent of Rs. 7700 was soon reversed. Dr Sonal from his team again walked into the ward with a loud intonation and arrogance. Doctors need to be taught humanities.

Nurses clearly overworked ..forgot to switch on oxygen for my dad for about 4 hrs till i noticed .saying they were very busy and stressed and apologised. Likewise the ICU.

Then comes the chest specialist. who was kind enough to tell my dad directly on his face that the has Advanced ILD and that hes going to feel only 10% better to a man who was extremely breathless now even on sitting as against a person who walked into the hospital.What a morale booster. . Am not sure this is as per your patient and relative rights. Dr. Sandeep even told me that my concerns on my dads terminal illness was of no importance to him. This is my first communication post the discharge. Certainly Not the last for the emotional, physical and financial distress and torture.
Jyothi Sridhar

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