[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — gross negligence due to staff shortage

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My father dr s. K. Dhir is a regular dialysis patient id no 657232. On 23/7/2018 at around 5.30 pm there was tremendous rush for the closing of dialysis of a number of patients. My father being one among them got his closing done after repeated requests to the staff that was already busy and overburdened with a plasmapheresis patient that had been shifted a while back. Due to sheer negligence and haste in closing of my fathers dialysis just as he was going to get his post dialysis weight check the gauze on the arterial end slipped and there was a fountain of blood all over his arm, shirt, trouser and the bed sheet too got soiled with his blood. A 15-20 ml blood of dialysis patient who is already anemic and that too from the fistula is something that cannot be taken lightly. The gravity of the situation is that he could have fallen unconcious, hurt himself or even bled to death in a matter of minutes if it wasnt for his vigilence that he notices the blood flow and immediately called for help. If this is the kind of service "the fortis healthcare" is provding then it is no better than a local dialysis centre. It is the adequacy of staff and service in fortis that made it stand out as the king in tricity. But im sorry to say that for monetory gains in the past few months the staff has fallen short drastically as fortis has compromised on its services for achieving its targets. When such things happen even the best of the best staff member is bound to make errors. But negligence is something that cannot be accepted. So it is upto fortis healthcare if it wants to or not want to fill up the staff lacuna that is causing trouble to the dialysis patients. It is my humble request to kindly look into the matter and do the needful to make amends so that such an act of negligence is not repeated.
Hoping for a prompt action
Yours sincerely
Dr abhay dhir

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