[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — misguiding about patient’s I injuries.

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Respected sir,
My mother aged about 60 yrs was with my sister as attendent. On 12th of november 2018, while she was resting in lawn of fortis jaipur, a car run over her left her injured. We went to emergency ward of fortis and admitted her. Incharge doctor nitin gupta attended her done several x-rays and sonography and declared a hairline fracture in left hand wrist. As we logged a complaint against the car driver, police told us to re-examine in government hospital on 20th of november, where we got to know that her right leg knee and hip bone are also broken. Also doctor gupta didnot injected ats as she had open wounds. So i have 2 points:-
1. The irresponsible treatment given to my mother is not accepted. After 8 days we got to know she has 2 more fractures. Ats also not injected.
2. How a car can enter a lawn made for resting of attendents.
Hereby as a citizen on indian republic, i want justice from my government to punish such hospitals as they are playing with life of persons. Also i want full compensation for the treatment of my mother.

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