[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — security personnel rude behavior

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I had an prior appointment with the oncology head at fortis gurgaon but the entrry to hospital was a disaster. I was asked that i need a visitor pass and i need to submit my original id and than if i dont need i need to enter from front gate. After i reached the front gate they again started asking fr id and make a cisitor pass. I am nt comfrtable to give my original id with any third person and wher according to law is it bieng asked at a hospital entrance.
Post the discussion i still agreed as i had a prescheded meeting which i ddint want to avoid but the security personel mr. Hukum singh was so rude that he even pointed a finger at me.. And used profenity even. Is this profssional. I need an answer to this or else i am gona take it to consumer forum.

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