[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — unethical behavior and delay in treatment

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On 4th june 2017 at midnight 2.00 a. M, my grandmother got unconscious and we took her to fortis hospital, rajaji nagar, bangalore. The first word by the receptionist was "you have capacity to pay". If a patient is dying, then the doctor & hospital have any ethics, humanity or not. Then they should not take any "hypocrite oath".

And when we entered fortis hospital at 2.30 a. M, she got a brain stroke, and the hospital staff informed doctor mr. Girish immediately, but he came at 12.00 p. M only. By the time it was too delay for a stroke for any remedy.

And moreover any hospitals, those who are having icu should have standards or not? In fortis hospital, they watch cricket matches in icu, having non – veg food in icu, speaking over phones, etc., there is so much of chaos and noise, that patient cannot even take rest.

My grandmother's lower body is not moving due to impact of stroke and fortis hospital is responsible for this, so we kindly request you to take action against fortis hospital and compensate us for the sufferings of grandmother.

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