[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — worst experience

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Third class experience in terms of facility. They are just looting.
My wife admitted for two days so please find the below issues.
1. They will not do any work on time without shouting, for example –
A. Dressing of patient happened at 10 am after shouting and their excuse was "sir navratra's has started so we have limited staff only"
B. Room cleaning happened only once in 24hrs which is at 11am after shouting.

2. No service for the patient like –
A. Patient asked for extra tea after 2 hrs, first they replied that we need to take permission from dietitian first then after 10 mins they call us to say that tea is chargeable which is around 150 inr. Then i bring a tea for my wife from branded restaurant in fortis only which was 49 inr.
B. Outside fruits/food are not allowed for anyone neither patient or attendant. (God knows who made those rules) and after 8 pm you can't found any food restaurant open in hospital for anyone. (Raho bhukhe)

3. Rooms are very unhygienic – (Might be we opt for poor service as we had twin sharing room of 5500 inr per day) :
A. There was no tissues or hand towel for patient in shared washroom.
B. Washroom cleaning happened once in 24 hrs only around 6-7 am in morning (Till night it was smelling because next patient to us was very sick and more than 80 years old, please note i am not saying its patient mistake as he was sick so hospital should take care for this).
C. There was no slippers for any patient in the room for washroom, and if want these are chargeable of 100 inr (Mentioned on my bill)

4. Waiting line on medical test – by god its killing (Govt. Hospitals are very well) –
A. Actually what happened we went there on 8th oct 2018 and get discharge on 10th oct 2018 but doctor said before discharge go for mri and an x-ray also just to make sure on reports. So on 10th oct 2018 we wait from 10 am to 8 pm in night just for these two test as there was no more consultation required. Just one good thing here is – they didn't charge us for room on that day as it was purely hospital mistake. But they asked us to come next day for results of test as staff was left.
B. And strange is – we went for two mri of around 16000 inr each and we are not having any reports in hand to consult with any other doctor. They said we need to send it to insurance for approvals. I asked that give me some duplicate copy of this then hospital reply – it was chargeable of 8000 inr as there was around 16 films. On this they said it is a rule of hospital that we can't give the reports to patient if it was paid by insurance. I didn't understand test was happened for patient treatment or tpa (Insurance).

5. Billing mistakes – (They are looting only) my wife was there for two days but third day we have to stay there because of hospital mistake. They generate the bill on second day only for insurance approvals including all pending test. Then we received approval from insurance based on their bill.
But after that they add a doctor consultation charges on my bill and some mri contrast charges which was not approved by tpa. I asked that give me opd bill for those consultation charges (Which was not included) then they denied and i paid those full amount from my pocket un-necessary.

They give me approx 85000 inr bill in two days without any report in my hand so that we can consult outside with any other doctor.in this i paid around 20000 inr after my insurance.
It was my worst experience of life.

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