[Resolved] Fortis Hospital, Anandapur, Kolkata — medical negligence on part of dr rajadhar, dr paliwal

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I, Partha Pratim Acharya of Krishnanagar, Nazir Pukur Par, Near Nine Bullets’ Club, Agartala, Tipura(West) went to Fortis Hospital, Anandapur, Kolkata for treatment of chronic cough problem & better quality of life of my father Shri Kanailal Acharjee by air from Agartala to Kolkata on 05.11.13.Our return ticket to Agartala was on 08.11.2013(the date was fixed based on our prior discussion with Dr. Raja Dhar).We visited Dr. Raja Dhar on 05.11.2013 at Fortis hospital, Anandapur and he told that my father’s quality of life will be improved and for check up & treatment purpose I should admit him to the general ward from where he will be released soon. Next day as I went to see my father I found him coughing vigorously and the intensity of cough increased manifold than earlier. On enquiry, the nursing staff informed me that my father had undergone a Bronchoschopy test on the same morning before I reached the hospital. Never ever he explained to me regarding the risks and hazards associated with Bronchoscopy on an octogenarian. The attendant told me that bleeding is common and coughing will stop soon. In the evening at visiting hours, I found my father coughing out blood. I shouted for help. Dr. Dhar sent his assistant and eventually Dr. Dhar came but as profuse bleeding & coughing increasingly continued, he asked my father to be shifted to HDU(High Dependency Unit).Within ten to fifteen minutes he was shifted to ICCU for control of situation and Dr. Dhar assured me that by next morning the situation will be controlled and he will be brought back to general ward next morning. Before the first bronchoscopy, Dr. Dhar did not take any consent from me. In the ICCU he did few more bronchoscopies on my octogenarian father. Later an attendant asked me to sign some papers saying that I have to sign those for saving my patient. In the ICCU he got secondary infection (Pneumonia) and he was placed on ventilation. During the whole process Dr. Raja Dhar and ICCU in-charge Dr. Paliwal misinformed us repeatedly about the patient status. During the treatment procedure in the ICCU they damaged other vital organs of my father. Finally on 13.11.2013 my father’s aged body could no more bear those experiments and medical nuisances and he succumbed to death. My father’s UHID no. was 91227. At the ICCU he was in bed no. 457 and Fortis ID was FHL[protected].
On 16.11.2013, my representative(Mr. Biswajit Bhowmik, Proff. Goenka College, Kolkata ) went to Fortis hospital with my authorized letter to collect few pending reports and to file an official complaint against the hospital authority and concerned Doctors. Unfortunately they provided the reports but showed reluctance to accept the complaint letter even after repeated requests.
I accuse Dr. Raja Dhar and ICCU dept. of Fortis Hospital, Anandapur, Kolkata for gross medical negligence which resulted in my father’s untimely demise. I demand immediate enquiry and strict action against concerned Doctors namely Dr. Raja Dhar, Dr. Paliwal & ICCU dept.
My Direct Allegations
1. During the first communication with Dr. Raja Dhar he told my home physician that no invasive treatment will be done on my octogenarian father. But he did so without discussing the risks, hazards
and taking any consent from us. I strongly believe that as a result of this, bleeding occurred and eventually series of other events followed and eventual death of my father occurred.
2. Before placing on ventilation, the hospital authority did not take our consent or discussed anything.
3. ICCU management is a mess as a result of which secondary infections damaged his vital organs.
4. Doing more bronchoscopies in the ICCU that worsened the condition of my father.
5. Taking few signatures in ICCU without explaining what those are and saying those as customs.
6. Continuously providing misinformation regarding the status of the patient by Dr. Raja Dhar & Dr. Paliwal.
7. In the Death certificate they showed Sepsis, Pneumonia & failure of other vital organs as cause of death which clearly indicates gross medical negligence as all those are hospital acquired.
8. Refusal to accept complaint letter from my representative Mr. Biswajit Bhowmik.
I demand immediate actions taken report from the Hospital authority.
I also demand the following documents from Fortis Hospital, 730 Anandapur, EM Bypass Road, Kolkata – 700107
1. All bedside documents and records of Late kanai Lal Acharjee (UHID : 91227)from 05.11.2013 to 13.11.2013.
2. Doctors’ comment sheets within the ICCU
3. Video footage of entire period of my father’s stay in the ICCU.
4. Measure taken to prevent & control infection in the ICCU in Fortis Hospital, Anandapur.
Patient Name : Kanai Lal Acharjee
Admitted at Fortis Hospital, Anandapur from 05.11.2013 till death
FORTIS ID : FHL [protected]

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