[Resolved] Fortis Hospital — Loss of personal ID

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Hi, My name is Nitesh Pahuja and I visited Fortis hospital Vasant kunj branch for my American Express medical check up on Monday the 8th. I submitted my driving license at the kiosk and was told I could collect it after the check up. After that they said they have misplaced my license stating a ridiculous reason that they had too many ids to handle and that they have lost somebody else's Id as well, which obviously is none of my concern. I was told that I'd be called back in a day and handed over the license and nobody called. A friend of mine went in on Wednesday for his medical checkup and they told him that they had lost my DL and just apologized for it. I have just spoken to someone there and now they're asking for another days time. I have given them my contact details and I haven't been contacted yet and when I call their number it is switched off. . I don't live at the address on the license anymore and now reside at a different address. I hope u understand how much time and effort it will take for me to get a duplicate Driver's license because I have no address proof for my current address as I am renting the place with my family and nobody lives at the old address who could collect the DL on my behalf. And I think we might just have a bit of a problem at hand because I am not willing to invest any more time and energy into this because I recently had my driver's license reissued because it was lost and trust me it is one tedious task. I strongly suggest that somebody looks this up over the weekend and that I have a positive update by coming Monday otherwise I'd have to take serious actions against the hospital which could have great implications. Also, if this is not sorted soon, I would love to share my experience with American Express' team as well who would probably take necessary steps against fortis too. I am sure this will not be taken lightly. Hope to hear from you soon Nitesh Pahuja

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