[Resolved] Fortis Hospital — Triple Billing and Non Treatment Charges

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I and my family members are regular patients of fortis. We have spent more than 15 lakhs for my family treatment in Cunungham road and Sheshadripuram fortis. I had a fracture on 23/11/14 and we rushed to fortis in sheshadripuram and the Dr Murali Krishna suggested to go for surgery which we were not prepared for so he put a cast and two x rays were taken.We were not explained about any charges and at the end we were shocked to see a bill of 14, 024 for 2 xray's and a cast. As per the process of the hospital we first paid the bill and then contacted the hospital, they asked us to contact after some time we gave them enough time and last monday when we visited hospital they asked us to come on next day. On the next day the entire statement of the management changed. They insulted us, shouted on us and made us shout and at last the told do whatever you want we will not pay even a single penny . At last they asked the cleaner and the watchman to chase us out by looking at this
we were forced to call police and the police asked us to lodge the complaint. After which your management asked us to wait for ortho surgeon who will check the bill and will give final conclusion. We waited for another 1 1/2 hour and met the ortho surgeon Dr Anand Chavan and took his opinion. After verifying my cast he agreed that the cast was not applied properly due to which my bone has pain and not able to even rest it through any support and on bill and he was very clear that the bill should have not crossed 3, 500 to 4, 000 rs as it just a cast but by mistake they have entered charges of Operation Theatre 5, 625 and as Dr Charges 6, 250 as the thought that I was operated. He assured us that he will speak the the management and will try to refund the excess amount of 10, 500 to 11, 000 rs. We waited till date and contacted him and informed that the management is not ready to refund more than 2, 000 to 3, 000 rs. I have maintained my patience till date but now forced to go legally as I
have consulted the best hospitals in bangalore and I have estimates of 5 best hospitals including your own fortis where the estimate shows nothing more than 3, 500 rs. If my amount is not refunded immediately I will surely go legally and moreover I would like to know that when your intention was not to refund then why in the condition of fracture you called me, insulted and harrased me and my sister and at last denied to my claim. I am sure Fortis is not as its base level cheap management who believes in looting public and filling thier pockets. I have lot of respect and faith in fortis which I would not like to loose due to waste management people. I would appreciate you if you can consider my genuine complaint and refund my amount orelse I am forced to go legally.

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