Forun Express Courier and Cargo Ltd. — Breach of Contract

+91 99 1126 6060
Modi Tower, 98, Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi, India – 110019

I want to register a complain against :
1- Forun Express Courier and Cargo Ltd – [protected]
2- Mandeep Pareek (Employee) – [protected]
3- Dilip (Employee) – [protected]
4- Harish Verma (Legal Advisor of the Company) – [protected]
In the Month of July, Dilip came to me and gave me information about the company and insisted to take up the franchise. I then decided to visit their Udaipur Office and I met Dilip and Ashok there. They explained me about the company policies and gave me information on the process, I delayed it because I didn't like the structure of the company.
After a few months a new person, namely Mandeep Pareek came to me and gave me a complete new information and structure. He told me to deposit, Rs 4, 00, 000 for the Franchise in which you will get the Zonal Hub of the Company(Represent Udaipur and near by districts). I was convinced and hence I gave him a cheque of Rs. 20, 000 on the name of Forun Express Courier and Cargo Ltd. dated, 11/10/2013 and bank name – State Bank of India and the cheque number being – 037126. Also, 2 more cheques of Rs. 1, 75, 000 and Rs. 2, 00, 000, dated 25/10/2013 and 25/12/2013 for the same bank and on the name of Forun Expree Courier and Cargo Ltd. I also gave Mandeep Pareek cash of Rs. 5000. Now for this amount I did not get any receipt and even for the cash paid I was told that I will get the receipt later on as per the company rules.
After paying them 25, 000 I realized that I have invested the amount in a wrong company and then made sure that the remaining cheques were stoped, hence paid SBI Rs. 102 for the stop payment of cheque of Rs. 1, 75, 000 and Rs. 2, 00, 000. I then called back Mandeep and told him that I want the money to be refunded back and hence he told me that the company is a fraud and I have left the company and I cannot help you now. I in turn started calling the company and they told me to talk to Harish Verma and he told me that no amount will be refunded because you did not pay the complete amount. Also their Udaipur office was closed and hence I had no other option left. So I started calling every employee, Mandeep told me to register a complaint against him and he would not mind that, Dilip told me that I was not a part when you gave them money andrest were not reachable.
Now all I want is my Rs.25, 000 back and there is nobody I can talk to, so I want everybody reading this to be aware of this company and please spread it as far as you can. It should go to every other individual having internet so that they can be aware of this fraud company. They plan to go to different states of India and make frauds.
They are also running an NGO for this. Also they are involved in many other business activities by which they make fraud, namely – Adhwani group of companies in HR, Insurance, Courier and Cargo, Construction, DAAZE (Inner Wears) and many more, Please be AWARE.
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Modi Tower, 98, Nehru Place, New Delhi, DL 110019
Please contact me in case of questions,
Manchirag Soni
Udaipur – [protected]

Breach of Contract

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