Foundation Manpower Management — false job listing and commitment

+91 33 4007 2735
+91 85 8381 9482
+91 70 4457 7689
33 A JL Nehru Road,"Chatterjee International Center", 16th Floor, Room No-21, Kolkata, West Bengal, India – 700071

I enrolled on 25-feb-2015 with the foundation manpower management consultancy, i got a mail from this company and they specifically told me that my interview will be arrange on very next day. It statement prove to be false. Still now the consultancy refer me any place though i connected with them through their given phone number and now they create fake situation, now the organization says that they will not provide me any service and threat me that not to call them again, they are not receiving my any call sometimes cut my call. I have contact my another friends who enrolled there, he also getting same response, kindly investigate and arrange punishment for this company

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