FPL Hyundai — car damaged while given to service.

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I own a santo xing x0 car. October 16th evening, i gave it for service related to engine vaulve. Initially they told that it can be fixed with 15k. I left it for service. Later they told it will come around 18k. I said ok. Then in one week, and told that it would cost 25k. I told that for fixing the vaulve 25k is too much and then agreed. Also asked them to send the spares changed.

They delivered my car by 9th of november only. And i paid 27k. That too after i swiped my card the driver left, then only i noticed, the battery was not connected. I was not able to start the car. Since car was not used for around one month, the battery gone down. After i charged my battery it started. After fixing my battery, i saw my ac vent switch button is broken, car door handle is broken. And parking light switch is disconnected, horen is not working. Some of the bulbs are not working. Even polishing was not done. And lot of the spares they changed are intentionally broken.

Advisor is not responsive. After told all these, he told that we don't do anything with that.

I don't know how to deal with it. I think fpl hyundai has to take care of this. I think this is because of the advisor is not the correct person. I called service centre and told all the above. They told with in an hour, someone will call regarding this. Again the same advisor is calling me again.

Can anyone help me how to deal with this legally.

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