Franch Express Courier — Irresponsible service

+91 44 4412 3123
#199, Harriyan Street, C. Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600043

The product was dispatched after 6 days. the actual product was sent from dharmapuri to salem on 22.04.2016 but we were not intimated about the product reaching the salem branch. the product will be dispatched at its earliest (within a day or two) in other courier services. but the workers from this courier service were least bothered to respond to our queries. we took a lot of pain to catch hold of this courier service member. after a long negotiation we had them dispatched the products after 6 long days. the men who came to deliver spoke irrelevantly when questioned why he was late to dispatch the product. overall this is the worst courier service we have come across and we are sure we will never again opt for Franch express courier.

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