Franch Express Courier — late delivery

+91 44 4412 3123
#199, Harriyan Street, C. Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600043

I received my courier today 5/6/19 but see what nonsense had happened since these franch express ppl had already updated that my courier had deliverd on 29 may19. I am not able to register my complain to the dealer whom i purchased saree 4nos and what i receive was 3nos. They are questioning me the courier was deliverd on 29th why am i registing my complain now claiming for once saree. Will you ppl pay the cost for the one saree which is 1300. How lethargic and irresponsible…
See the burden you give for your customers.. There is no board in front of franch express.. Noboday can say its an courier office it is closed all the times they keep the couriers inside the room loacked and we customers like mad have to call them 100s and wait like mad. Are we fools being paid you do this nonsense to us..

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