Franch Express Courier — uncare unprofessional worst experience with franch express dindigul

+91 44 4412 3123
#199, Harriyan Street, C. Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600043

I sent medicine fruits from bangalore to dinigul town with clear address and contact details opted for next day delivery and the person promised the same.

Awbno: [protected]
Dindigul hub : [protected], [protected]

No updates no calls on next day. When i tracked and enquired they simply saying my package came to dindigul and misrouted to vathalagundu.

When i asked to get the package and delivery by noon, they are not ready. They said will delivery tomorrow.

See the attachment of medicine fruit, which are completely spoiled due to their irresponsible behavior of staffs at dindigul branch.

Never ever sent couriers via franch express.

They don't even understand what you saying, simply reply it got misroute you will get it tomorrow.

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