Franch Express Courier — worst behaviour of your karur office staff

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#199, Harriyan Street, C. Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600043

Yesterday i was enquired from your kovai office asking me howmuch distance i am staying away from karur as they wanted to deliver a letter. As my home is 20 km away from karur and as i am going daily to karur i told them, "for deliver a letter they need not to come this much distance", i will go to karur office in person and receive the letter. They too gladly nod for the same.

Today around 11.40 am i went to karur sengunthapuram office and explained my visit. There were one man and 2 women staffs were present. The man staff who got annoyed un an angry voice he told me that it is none of his business and told that there is a office at velayudampalam which will deal the same. Then why the kovai office person asked to meet you i asked. I showed my phone history call to him. He not only in a mood un to listen what i was telling but also behaved very roughly and when i told him that i will raise complaint with head office he asked என்ன அவன்கள் மயிர பிடுங்கிவிடுவான்களா என கேட்டார். If you have cctv fottage please verify it.

This type of your staff behavour is very bad in nature. Please you enquire and advice him to behave propllerly with the customers. And please give me the feedback also.

G. Jeevanandam
President centre of indian trade union,
19 om sakthi nagar
Pugalur sf post
Karur dt.639113.
Cell :[protected]

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