Franchise India — full & final settlement pending-franchise india

This is to inform all patrons that there is a huge scandal going on within Franchise India Holdings Ltd & all group companies of Gaurav Marya & Sachin Marya.

This organisation is just hungry for business revenue and not at all concerned for employees or their clients.

This company charges huge amount in terms of service charge and gives the same or similar material in terms of service.The customers are not aware about this.

There are many instances where they have recruited employees like me and not even given the basic things like appointment letter,visiting cards,etc.They wait for 2-3 months so that they are assured wether the employee would stick with them.

The entire process including business plans is a big upset.

There is not even an acccount opened for employees nor they get their salaries on time.
They have not even paid me salary for 3 months and have asked to return the mobile which was not even provided by them.No full and final settlement was done once left.

Kindly ensure to relate yourself with companies and people like these.

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