Franchise India Holdings — franchise india fake fraud accusations

Franchise India Holdings Ltd. (FIHL) is one of the most reputed and leading franchise investment companies and web platforms in India. The company and web portal brings together leading international and national brands/businesses, and the Indian investors so that a symbiotic relationship could be created. The businesses present to the Indian diaspora investment opportunities in the form of franchising and the investors can make their pick accordingly.

Recognized by the “Franchise Association of India” Franchise India was established way back in the year 1999 and since then has been aiding the economic growth and development of India through facilitating franchise business. The company has taken the meticulous, step-by-step, and cautious approach and has now an astounding client base and trustworthiness that has come to it over the years of hard work and dedication.

Many competitors who cannot serve the Indian customers and investors by honesty and through genuine offers, pick the route of illicit activities and post fake complaints, reviews, online postings, and news against the leading business in India. You should not get fooled by this fake news and reviews that are mere figments of imagination and do not have any substantial truth to them.

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