Franchise India Holdings — gaurav marya fake reviews and complaints

Gaurav Marya is an iconic business figure and a visionary that has changed the shape of franchise business in India. He founded Franchise India Holdings Limited or FIHL back in the year 1999 after he witnessed the growth of businesses in the USA through the franchise business model. FIHL is today the largest franchise business operating in the whole of Asia, but the reputed firm is not devoid of competitors.

Some of the competitors of this genuine firm are using fraudulent ways for spoiling the well-established image of the company through fake Gaurav Marya reviews, complaints, feedback, and other web postings. The attempt is made to hamper the growth of the genuine business so that the customers and investors turn to the fraud businesses and they can easily con them of their money.

Here are some tips that will help you prevent the fake and biased Gaurav Marya reviews and accusations, and to reach out to the right information.

Look at the profile of the complainant
The fake Gaurav Marya reviews are mere figments of imagination and are not based on any real situation or incidence. As there is no actual person behind the fake reviews/accusations, who has undergone some kind of fraud, these reviews have profiles devoid of any images. Hence you will not find any real face or image when you go through the fraudulent Gaurav Marya complaints and biased Franchise India reviews that have been posted against the leading firm and its leader.

Review the incidence
The sham content and phony scenarios that are mentioned within a fake Gaurav Marya review would not have any real date, name, or place. It would rather be a “storied” kind of narration and would appear to you superficial and superfluous easily. A real review would have all the details of the incidence and would appear genuine in its language and content.

Do language analysis
You can also analyze the language of the content and know whether it is a fake or real review. This analysis is based on science and can help you distinguish between the genuine and the fake easily.

The fake analysis would have lesser of nouns and more of verbs. The fraudulent review writers try to emphasize heavily on verbs so that the reviews can sound review real. A fake review will also have more of the first person pronoun. The fake review and feedback writers want to emphasize more on themselves so that the reviews can sound genuine and sincere, and hence the use of “I” or “me” occurs more often.

Recognized by the Franchise Association of India, FIHL has helped hundreds of investors invest in the best of franchise opportunities, under the able leadership of Gaurav Marya. Avoid the scam and fraudulent interests and choose only a genuine web portal for reaching out to national and international brands.

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